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The following email was sent on Tuesday April 17, 2007 to all of our clients of whom we finished basements in the past 15 years;  We thought we should share their replies with our neighbors, hoping their letters can encourage each homeowner in seeking a permanent solution.


Dear friends.

I am inquiring with you as to see how you fared and how you weathered the storm. I would love to hear your comments, as well as any comments from neighbors of yours who may not have been so fortunate.

If their experience was not too pleasant, I would of course welcome the opportunity in assisting them by the means of a consultation, helping them to evaluate their options.

After 50 basements or so, we are proud to say at this time that no one has contacted us yet (with a wet basement) after Sunday's storm...

Either way, we hope to hear back from you.

Warm regards,

Sylvain Côté


The following are our clients response, in order received:

"Hi Sylvain,
The sump pump has been running since Sunday night and our basement  is dry, dry, dry!   Yaahhh!  I have already forwarded your name to a friend of ours, so hopefully you will be hearing from her.  Have a great week.  Cheers,"
This basement has been photographed, but not posted on our site yet

- Lori Lamb, Chappaqua, NY.


"We were dry!  Best,"

- Connie Plaehn, Chappaqua, NY


Thanks for your e-mail.  While our basement did not flood, we did for the first time get water in our basement.  Not too much damage; we threw out some toys and the area rug.  In the broad scheme of things given how bad the storm was, we were NOT unhappy at all.
Perhaps you can take a look at it sometime and provide some additional options."

- N. Greene, White Plains, NY


"Hi Sylvain,
Basement was totally dry (even without doing the grading work we discussed).
Sump pump pretty much ran continuously (cycling on and off every 45 seconds or so).  Basement two houses up had 8 inches of standing water. Basement two houses down had four inches of standing water.  Well done!"
This basement, part of a full scale renovation, has not been posted on our site yet

- Ian Smith, Larchmont, NY


"Hi Sylvain,
The basement was fine, thank you."
This large, full walk-out basement has not been posted on our site yet

- Barry Haitoff, Mahopac, NY.


"I get water in the workout room about 2 or 3 times a year during very heavy downpours and Sunday was one of those days...not a tremendous amount of water, about a gallon or two, just enough to be a pain and wet things if I do not move them...
...now I am ready to deal with it.   Please call me to schedule a visit to "evaluate my options"."

- Peter Alduino, Yorktown Heights, NY.


"no water, but the furnace..." - 04.23.07.

And in a previous email dated  01.23.06:
"We lost power Wednesday morning. The rain was really a problem.  When you installed the pumping system as part of our basement job, you told me you would also be installing a back up system.  I would have never thought of it on my own.
Your back up system just passed its first and hopefully last test with flying colors.
My neighbors all got water in their basements when the power went out for 3 days.
The back-up system performed just as you said it would.  Actually, it did better.
It was still running strong after 24 hours.  I purchased an extra battery as a precaution for $60.00.  By the time I put it in, the ground water had subsided. 
The original was recharged at the gas station and ready to go if needed.  We could have gone without power for as long as it was going to take.  Some neighbors spent thousands on generators after their basements had water.  We stayed completely dry.
Thank you for your expert advice.  This basement project was the best money I ever spent in connection with home construction."

- Gerry DiEdwards, Rye, NY.

"No water in the basement Thanks

- Bob Farrell, Yorktown Heights, NY.


Everything fine here thanks to your good work!

- Jean Sheff, Chappaqua, NY.


"I took a look at a couple of spots that are the only areas I think could have had potential for leaking and everything looks fine.  No issues on the "lower level".
Thanks for checking in."

- Christine Fisher, Valhalla, NY.


"Our basement fared ok but our attic seemed to let in some leaks..."

- Amy Song, Scarsdale, NY.


"Hi Sylvain,
Good to hear from you and I am sorry i did not reply sooner.  The basement stayed 100% dry. No worries.  If it did not leak after last week then I think it is safe to say it is unlikely to ever leak."

- Cormac McCarthy, Mount Kisco, NY.


We will continue to post new emails as we receive them.
Please note our second email, sent Wednesday April 18th:

Thank you all for your replies.
It appears that most of you were left unscathed by this record breaking Spring Nor-Easter.
However, some of you did have some water in your basements.  Whether your two year warranty is over or not, I would like to personally pay you a visit and provide you with options to permanently address the issue.
For those of you who emailed back to me, I will individually reply within the next 24 hours to set up an appointment.
Thanks again,
Sylvain Côté

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