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Traditional Kitchenette

Everything you would possibly need for entertaining guests, right here at your fingertips.

Classic Kitchenette

"'Where did you get the kitchen cabinets and bookcases?' Amazement at the answer that they were hand built on site", says the client,.


Modern Bar

Several built-ins, one of them featured here, added to the final touch of this basement.
Custom made from A to Z.

Full Kitchenette

For this particular project, a glut of built-ins were fabricated, including this fully equipped kitchenette, which includes a 24" refrigerator, a 15" ice maker, and a 18" dishwasher..


The Mini Kitchen

This one is so complete & spacious, you might as well call it the mini kitchen.


The Modest Kitchenette

As small as it gets, yet everything you need.
Well, almost.


Simple, Elegant

Simple, yet elegant, functional.



Marvelous Maple

Another example of beauty & simplicity



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