"it seems counterintuitive, but half the experience of living indoors is seeing the outdoors.”

 Marc Appleton, Architect, November 2013  - More Quotes Please!.







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As Proposed.


NanaWall glass doors on the back side of the Westchester house.



November 20, 2012:
LED lights highlight the full wall of NanaWall glass doors on the back side of the house.
Each of these lights uses only 3 watts (Not 6, as previously stated) of electricity!


April 26, 2012:
All stone pillars and posts are now completed. So is the balcony and the railing, with the exception of the solid glass that will be inserted between the top and bottom railings.
The balcony post caps are on their way. 




March 17, 2012:
A darker stain has been applied on the doors.
All siding is completed.
Stone work is well underway.
Shown here is a crew working on the finishing of the balcony and a second crew working on the three stone pillars.


January 16, 2012:
The outside trim on the doors and windows is completed (except around these doors.
The doors are stained.
Siding has begun - You can see it in beige on the side of the dormer just below the chimney.
The crew was working today in very frigid weather (20 degrees).




December 13, 2011:
Most noticeable here of course is the NanaWall glass walls door system. These completely opens to the backyard and the lake. This view here shows the doors before any stain being applied, which is being done "as we speak".

More on the doors coming soon.


October 11, 2011:
Roofing is nearing completion.
Exterior insulation is completed.
Next on the laundry list is the windows installation. 





August 03, 2011:
Rough framing and sheathing for both floors is now completed. Balcony framing is underway. Rough concrete patio just below is completed. The large openings on the first and second floors will be all glass.


July 20, 2011:
The far left side, which was an existing addition, had to be completely rebuilt from the foundation to the roof due to termites damage. The roof was redesigned to match the hip roof of the original house.





May, 2011:
Exterior rough framing mostly completed except this side facing the lake.


April, 2011:
Just before start of exterior work.





Summer 2010:
As purchased.


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