Westchester home spa interior design architect builder

Perhaps it could be argued that it is rather the view of the lake, which can be uninterrupted by opening two sets of ten foot wide door systems.



Westchester interior designer home spa Kohler soak tub

It is probably safe to say that the focal point of the master bathroom is this 'Kohler underscore cube bubblemassage' soaking tub.



Westchester home spa bath suite interior designer architect



Westchester custom antique wood open shelf vanity design




Kohler custom digital steam shower, speakers, LED light therapy

This Kohler shower has a lot to show for:
a digital control, which enable the overhead four bodyspray tiles and three more that are wall mounted,
the hand held shower, and the steam shower system.
It also controls the speakers and the chromotherapy light system, shown in conjunction with the overhead shower tiles.

When using the steam shower, the two long seats comfortably accommodate two persons.



Westchester interior designer architect toilet closet pocket door

This picture here highlight a custom designed/fabricated built-in cabinet, which is both decorative and functional,
providing storage room for 'evil' but indispensable life necessities.

Perhaps equally as noteworthy is the built-in recessed shelf right into the stone work,
safely providing space for short candles.



Behind The Scenes:



ecember 16, 2011:
This High Definition See Thru Direct Vent Gas Fireplace with river rocks (instead of fake wood logs) by Napoleon is the focal point of both the bedroom and the bathroom. The extensive stone work is hiding innovative engineering to support the heavy additional weight.

More on that below.


December 16, 2011:
Same fireplace, viewed from the bathroom side.
The empty space in the foreground will be featuring a deep soaking, bubble massage tub.
Also quite noticeable on the left is the NanaWall glass walls door system. These completely opens to a 24' long private balcony. 







November 14, 2011:
he entire structure is 'floating', meaning it is actually suspended and supported by the existing, steel reinforced chimney.

Some of those engineering details can be better seen on another photograph below.


October 01, 2011:
Our mason is slowly but surely making progress.




March 24, 2011:
Our welders here starts fabricating our suspended system.
You can see here on none of the structural work is touching the subfloor.
By the way, the reason for such a time lapse here is that we had the mason working outside for most of the spring and summer.

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