"...because the kitchen is a family room, because the kitchen is a living room."

- Mick De Giulio   More Quotes Please!





Westchester custom kitchen renovation designer architect builder

Enjoy watching the chef cooking and the view all at once. No need to choose one over the other.





Westchester kitchen design full custom cabinetry maker fabricator

Experience 180 degrees sweeping waterfront views when you're confronted with the
grinding work of cleaning the pots your chef (you) left behind.



Westchester kitchen design architect custom cabinet builder




Westchester kitchen renovation designer architect builder




Westchester custom kitchen designer architect builder contractor




Matching custom kitchen appliances cabinetry stainless steel pulls


Kitchen Details:

Matching appliances cabinetry stainless steel pulls Arthur Harris

Perhaps an industry first: fully integrated, perfectly matching appliances and
cabinetry stainless steel pulls, for a perfect seamless look.
This refrigerator is flanked with self-closing pantries and deep drawers on each side.



Note the perfectly matching refrigerator and cabinetry stainless steel pulls.
The 3/4" diameter pulls for all the cabinetry and all the appliances
were manufactured by
Arthur Harris & Co.


Matching Liebherr refrigerator, cabinetry stainless steel pulls

The French doors and double freezing drawers refrigerator is by
Liebherr, a proven leader in energy efficiency.



These organizers are surely appreciated by the cook.


Matching dishwasher and cabinetry stainless steel pulls

Note again the perfectly matching dishwasher and cabinetry stainless steel pulls.



The pull-out, soft close waste container is by Rev-A-Motion.


This newest generation of Blum Tandem Full Extension Drawer Slides with Blumotion features
incredibly smooth full-extension action combined with a self closing mechanism that engages 2" before the drawer is closed,
and ever so gently eases it back into the cabinet, make these slides truly top-of-the-line.


Add to that the fact that the slides are totally concealed - no clunky metal to detract
from the beauty of your wooden drawers - and you have a recipe for a classic.

There's a whole lot more that could be said about the cabinetry organizers,
the appliances, the countertop, the fully custom cabinetry of this kitchen.

Perhaps the cabinetry and the backsplash are the most noteworthy elements, being entirely fabricated with reclaimed wood
right from the existing home itself, most of it coming from the attic flooring.

An elaborate crackle paint process, which was also applied right on the premises,
provided the needed finish for a durable and unique touch.

However, at the end of the day, I think it's safe to say that the most remarkable aspect of this kitchen is in its design and functionality.
Although the room is relatively narrow at only 10 feet wide, the use of open floating shelves instead of the standard wall cabinets completely changes the perspective, creating the illusion of more space.


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