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It is amazing what can be done with trash.  Throughout the course of the Beach House project we have gathered materials from the Beach House itself and surrounding areas.  Through our careful planning and restoration work these materials, that would have normally been discarded as trash, are instead being creatively utilized in our design.   


The Old Barn...Becomes New Again


The failing structure was 200 years old. It was located nearby in Goldens Bridge, another neighboring hamlet of our town of Lewisboro.  We gave it a new life, right in the spotlight.


The old barn just before it was taken down, June 9, 2011.

A view inside the barn before demolition begins.  Daylight can be seen through most of the roof.


Barn demolition on the way!


Four days were necessary to complete the task.


Reclaimed timbers waiting for a new life.


There are many more materials featured on our website that we have Recycled, Reclaimed and Re-Used in this project.  Also listed are reclaimed materials for sale or have already sold  


Our next newsletter will feature the installation of DaVinci Roofscapes slates. 



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When Less Is More  
Reclaimed, Recycled, Re-used...
Amazing what you can do with 'trash'.
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