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"Hi, Sylvain;  I looked at some of your images on "Best of the best"..... very impressive."

- Paul Wyatt, Paul Wyatt Designs  Napa, CA.  12.05.07.


Nice newsletter. Congrats on all your awards - well deserved. The house looks beautiful!"

- Jean Sheff, Editor, Westchester Family magazine, Harrison, NY.  11.28.07


"Congratulations on this remarkable achievement.   I am humbled to have been a small part of your creation.   Yes, creation, you are an artist and a true professional craftsman; an award and honor you deserve."

- Steven J Courville Technical Conservation Services Group Albany NY Offices. 11.19.07.


"It is so beautifully done, so tasteful and yet so "manly" and cool that I wrote to you that I wanted you to build that for me one day as a vacation home. Everything about it is exciting, congratulations. The bar is sick!!!!!!!! If I knew you were that good I would have had you build my whole house."

- Paul Stevelman, Lewisboro, NY..  11.19.07.


"Congratulations!!!  I had seen your home remodel previous to this and was so taken by the project. You walk the walk when it comes to reuse and I applaud you for an environmentally and esthetically sensitive result.
PS I decided to do nothing with my basement and wait till I can afford you".

- Charmian Gardiner, Rye, NY. 11.16.07.


"I have three 10,000 to 12,000 sq ft homes in preliminary stages of design in Westchester and wonder if you consult on projects? Also, I would appreciate the names of the kitchen and fan source you used for your home; That project is fabulous!"

- S. B., Mount Kisco, NY. 11.11.07


"I am blown away by... ...the work that you're doing... As the owner of a renovation company, specializing in historic restoration, I was struck by the passion of the Absolute Remodeling Company; I felt a kinship for what you are striving for: creating habitable art, while leaving a small footprint on the land."

- Kara O'Brien, Laughing Sun Renovations, Atlanta, GA. 11.01.07


"I've come across your website numerous times over the past several months, always associated with green building and I share your passion. My inquiry is regarding a home in Chappaqua my wife and I may decide to purchase... ...I thank you for indulging me and for your informative website. While there's an increasing amount of green building content on the web for new homes, there's very little for those of us in the existing homes market."

- John Hart, Chappaqua, NY. 12.20.06


"Your green house project is an inspiration and I enjoyed meeting with you and learning a few new things. The suspension system for the EH beams is cool and I personally like the style and decor you have planned for the house."

- Richard Halvorsen, NYS Licensed Realtor, NYS Licensed Appraiser.  03.20.05



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