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"selling refrigerators to eskimos may be easier than
selling the 'invisible' to homeowners"

- Gord Cooke, certified trainer, author and industry consultant.t


The following graph is resulting from a Chappaqua 2008 attic insulation project, followed by boiler and hot water maker replacement (into one combination unit), and AC condensers and air handlers:

Westchester NY high efficiency spray foam insulation performance graph comparison


The following are client comments, resulting from their Tarrytown home 2009 attic insulation project:

"By the way....34% savings this month....far fewer therms and kilowatt hours so it isn't just a price thing.....that's pretty is the work that keeps on giving."  It is fantastic. I am glad I will be living here for a while. When you are ready to go, I will send an impassioned email about it all to everyone."   - See Graph Below

- Kevin Brown, Tarrytown, NY 02.11.10

"Dear Sylvain, I wanted to write you to express my gratitude for what you did for my home.  My kidsí bedrooms were intolerably cold and my wife and I couldnít watch TV in our living room anymore because it was freezing in there. You told me you could insulate my house to make a world of difference and you surely did not come up short. We donít even use the additional plug-in heaters in any of the three rooms anymore.

The key is that you got us warm in our home again but it is also fantastic that we just got our December bill and it was over $200 cheaper than December of last year. Thatís pretty remarkable. Also, your contention that fixing the humidifier on our heating blower would make the house warmer and more comfortable was dead on as well.

I am thrilled with the results but also want to tell you that the process was a pleasure as well. Your crews were courteous, timely, and worked hard to get it all done and be out as quickly as possible. They also were extremely clean and after spraying foam insulation through the attic, basement and garage of my home, there was almost no evidence that anything was ever doneÖ.except for the great results. And, it was amazing how they got into some very tight spaces to make sure they were ultra-thorough.

I also want to thank you for going above and beyond to seal all the windows in the house, fix my water heater, repair sheetrock in several places and weigh in on some plumbing issues we have been having. I love working with companies that I do not have to tell more than once to do stuff and Absolute Remodeling was absolutely one of those! 
- See Graph Below

- Kevin Brown, Tarrytown, NY 01.18.10

"The house is SOOO much better. You have made it livable again."  - See Graph Below

- Kevin Brown, Tarrytown, NY 12.28.09


Energy Savings as of February 7th, 2011

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