Stone Walls, Patios, Decks, Driveways, Siding... HYDRONIC  RADIANT   HEAT 


"it's not okay anymore for affordability to be solely characterized by lowest upfront cost."

- Sara Gutterman, Green Builder Magazine,  More Quotes Please!


Clients Comments:

"Sylvain, the [basement] radiant heat is working great. Good suggestion and I am glad I took your advice on installing it."

- Kevin Longino, Greenwich, CT. 12.09.08


"I just got my ConEd bill for gas - basically cooking and hot water - $50.00 for July, and my son takes multiple long showers every day, plus there are 3 more of us, so we probably use too much hot water anyway.  My propane bill for cooking and hot water with the old tank was always over $100.00/month, and we would always run out of hot water and have to wait for the tank to heat up again.  Electric has been a bit high due to air-conditioning, but I'm convincing the family that 78 degrees is sufficient most of the time.  We'll see what the next bill says!

Whatever people can do to work towards going green is definitely worth it - especially if they plan on staying in their house for a while.  So, whether it's a high-efficiency boiler, tankless hot water, radiant heat, cfl bulbs, multiple heating zones, etc., it all helps, and truly makes the home a more comfortable living space."  -  This project has not been photographed an/or posted yet

- Anne Budlong, Somers, NY.  07.31.08


"Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new dry, finished basement. What an amazing transformation. I'm so glad we have the "before" pictures to remind us what that space used to look like! Your talented crew did an amazing job on everything - stone walls, woodwork, painting, - all was executed perfectly. With the large windows (with plants growing on the windowsills!), and French doors to the outside, there's so much natural light that the space hardly seems like a basement.

We also are extremely happy with our new heating and hot water system. I'm so glad we decided to go with radiant heat on the first floor, as well as the basement floor. The house was more comfortable than ever this past winter, and we spent a little less than half of what we previously spent on fuel costs - and that's with having an endless supply of hot water from our tankless system!

Thanks again for everything, and best of luck with all of your projects!" -  This project has not been photographed an/or posted yet

- Anne Budlong, Somers, NY.  08.09.07 .

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