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The new Jeld-Wen windows are much more in line with the original look of 1930s steel casement windows,
whether you look at them from inside or outside.


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Mark Ronquillo
Croton on Hudson, Westchester, NY
Sylvain Côté, Absolute Green Homes, Inc
Sylvain Côté, Freddy Ochoa
Freddy Ochoa, Angel Chimbo

September 2016
October 2016



The homeowner was looking for a contractor to "fix" an exterior section of his 1930's Tudor, which was actually a part of the house that was added on in the 70s, where they used stucco-like panels. Those panels have started to peel and flake, along with some decaying wood trim. The windows that were installed in the 70s did not match the style of the original steel casement windows. They were also sized improperly, being way to small in width. Finally, the 70s addition was lacking curb appeal.

After careful consideration, it was decided in the design stage to add new shed roofs over the new windows. In addition, 4 new custom built wood brackets were installed, matching existing brackets found on the house. A picture window and 2 more casement windows were also replaced. Walls were waterproofed, new pressure treated trim installed, followed by new stucco. The walls were re-insulated with close cell spray foam, drywall was installed along with new oak trim, and finally stain and paint were applied.

I think it's safe to say you'll agree that the results are a completely transformed curb appeal of this classic 1930s Tudor home.



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